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Laddare & Batteri Kit med 2 x 4S 6700mAh 14,8v

Laddare & Batteri Kit med 2 x 4S 6700mAh 14,8v

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Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Dual Laddare & 2 x 4S 6700 mAh LiPo Combo. Laddare och 2 x batterier som får din borstlösa bil upp i 112+ km/h.

Innehåller: EZ Peak Live Dual Charger with iD
1 x Traxxas EZ-Peak Dual Charger with iD
2 x Traxxas 4S 6700 mAh LiPo Batteries with iD

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XRT Race Truck 8s

Dual Battery/Charger Completer Pack
The 2997 completer pack is the perfect complement to your 8s equipped X-Maxx or XRT. The pack includes two 4-cell 6700 mAh iD-equipped LiPo battery packs for tire-scorching 30+volt power. Traxxas iD batteries are the easiest and safest Lipo charging solution when used with our exclusive iD chargers. You just plug in your iD battery and press start. The iD charger handles all the settings and quickly gives you an optimized charge every time. The new 4s capable EZ-Peak Live Dual multi chemistry charger comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth to work with the new EZ-Peak Live app for iOS and Android. The app gives you detailed information and advanced operation through a high-definition color interface. It’s our finest charger in the popular EZ-Peak iD lineup.

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